There is a ministry for everyone


Men Executing God's Agenda (M.E.G.A) Men's Ministry overall purpose is to develop men and young men into becoming passionate disciples for Christ.  It is our desire to impact and empower the male believer with transformative truths that enable men to experience a richer fuller relationship with Christ.


Women in God's Service (WinGs) Women's Ministry is strategically designed to serve, empower, involve, and encircle every woman of For His Glory Ministries and in the surrounding community.  It is a vision of unity where we seek to not only meet every woman at the point of her need, but to strengthen her so that she may reach the point of her abundance. 

Divine Glory Movement Ministry

Divine Glory Movement Ministry are committed to offering their temples as a living sacrifice to prepare an atomosphere of worship to the glory of God.  Their purpose is to magnify the name of the Lord through movement.  

Chozen For His Glory Praise Team

Chozen For His Glory Praise Team comes together to worship God and to offer their angelic voices in song to touch the hearts of God's people through worship. 

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Come and hang out at Youth Group! We have a ton of cool stuff going on like basketball tournaments, pizza eating contests, and much more! Not only do we have a lot of fun but we tackle serious issues going on with our youth today. 

K.E.P.T Couples Ministry

Coming Soon!

Kovenant Empowerment Partnership Togetherness (K.E.P.T) Couples Ministry is coming soon!i

G.L.O.W Senior Ministry

Coming Soon!

God's Leaders of Widsom (G.L.O.W.) Ministry is coming soon!